Version 3.2.1 available

A new version, 3.2.1 is now available!
Two bug fixes exist in this release:

  • Timezone support now works with older PHP 5.1 versions.
  • OpenLDAP bug fix in mobile webpage.

Please note that this version hasn’t been as well tested as 3.2. Please let me know if you experience any issues with this release.

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Version 3.2

New Features

Time zone
Time zone support as a configurable option or based on browser settings.

time zoneIn order to provide a solution that will work for the most of you the following configuration options now exists:

  • timezone
    Time zone value by region/city e.g. Europe/Berlin
  • timeshift
    You can shift the time representation anyway you want by specifying hours in positive or negative format e.g. -1 represents UTC – one hour.

The option to use time zone settings in your browser also exist.
Please keep in mind that only one value will represent your browser time zone. For example Europe/Berlin will be selected even if your location would be Europe/Stockholm. This has to do with translation between GMT and <region>/<city> values.

Time zone options are only used on the monitoring page.

Disable features
You can now choose to disable features in CN=Monitor such as:

  • Modal windows
    Authenticate and Preferences
  • Pages
    Add session server, query, replication, load balancer verification, schema, index, cache and certificate.
  • Menu options
    Configuration menu

Bug fixes

Some IBM functions did not work as expected, environment mobile page wasn’t working as expected using OpenLDAP, server view reloaded on empty result could cause an endless loop.

Other changes
Changed time and date function libraries including the date pick function.

Till next time…


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Version 3.1 released

New Features
Compare server value functionality. Click on a value presented on the server page and compare this value against other configured directory servers.

Cache values are now dynamically loaded.

New Directory Server Support
Support for OpenDJ, OpenDS and Oracle Unified Directory. Let me know if you find any issues.

Plugin support
Directory server and relational SQL database support can be added without the need to modify core functionality.

Replication verification improvements for OpenLDAP, ODSEE, Sun DS, Red Hat DS and 389 DS.
OpenLDAP: Access to cn=config is not needed anymore to verify replication.
OpenDJ: Added replication verification for OpenDJ (hopefully this will work for OpenDS and OUD).
Sun DS / ODSEE / RHDS: Improved CSN verification and replication timestamps.
Collected server messages script includes replication monitoring (frequency configurable).

Includes default monitoring operations for Novell eDirectory, database connection not validated for monitoring, incorrect handling of base suffix for Query page and UTC not set as time zone for all parts of CN=Monitor.

Have fun!


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Version 3.0 released

New version of CN=Monitor has fi-nal-ly been released.
The reasons why it took a while has to do with all major changes included. Not only the development to a dynamic Ajax approach with new graphic libraries but also the required testing that came with it.

Functionality wise not much has changed. You will recognize most things, even though it may be represented in a new, different way.

What’s new in 3.0 – The complete list
Dynamic load of contents, auto-reload feature, new graphic libraries, extended LDAP libraries support, MySQLi libraries support, improved layout, new load balancer layout.

Monitoring features:
Handle large result set in historical data, tooltip, zoom on graphs, extend historical view, compare historical data.

Able to run “collect” scripts from any location, verifyconfiguration script added, collectmailreport.php removed (let me know if you are using this functionality).

Bug fixes:
Call-time pass-by-reference warnings, Novell modifyops not added correct and probably a hundred more related to old now removed graphic libraries.

So what are you waiting for? Install and upgrade and let me know if you find issues or have requests for version 3.1.



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Next version (3.0)


Just wanted to give you a hint of the next version of CN=Monitor. It will be a major release (3.0) and the most significant changes are Ajax functionality and a new graphic library that will replace all existing graphic libraries.

The current release of CN=Monitor has three different graphic libraries.

Two of them are server sided, creating line graphs and pie charts. This speeds up the creation of the graphs but unfortunately makes them less dynamic.
The third one is flash based and well.. it sure looks pretty good but flash is not the way to go 2012.

The new library is called flot and is JavaScript/JQuery based. It is client sided and is very flexible and dynamic. Additional graph adjustments to handle large result sets also makes client sided graphs work very well on both computers and tablets.

Of course there are more added features and some re-designed functionality as reload of server availability and verifying load balancing.

Let me know if you have any last minute requests. Next version will probably be released in a couple of weeks.

/ Andreas

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call-time pass-by-reference

Several users have experienced PHP error message call-time pass-by-reference.
You may notice this message on the webpage or in your HTTP error logs when running PHP 5.3.0 and up.

To avoid this message. Set the following php.ini parameter:
allow_call_time_pass_reference = On
… and restart your HTTP service.

A fix has been implemented. It will take some weeks until the new version 2.2 is released as it also contains some new features.

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Release 2.1.1

New release of CN=Monitor is out. This time 2.1.1 and contains fixes for 2.1.

  • Monitoring graphs
    Browse back / forward in time using generated png images now works.
  • Server message alerts
    Script failed in some cases where server not responsive.
    Also added documentation on how to solve false alerts, low connection timeout values. Especially on older OpenLDAP lib + PHP combinations.
  • Replication
    Viewing replication on not responding server created PHP errors.
  • hdb database recognition for OpenLDAP
    Previously only supported bdb as backend database type. Now supporting both.
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